Welcome to Donaldson Europe Purchasing e-RFQ Portal supported by Alsenta!

Dear Partners,

Donaldson Purchasing partners with high performing suppliers aligned with our mission of providing cost
effective products which improve people’s lives; enhance equipment performance and protect the
environment. Donaldson’s Supply Chain Management is centered around creating VALUE. We perceive
supply chains as value chains contributing value to our products or services and finally our customers.

Value creation in our supply chain is understood as a combination of

• Secure and Flexible Supply
• Optimum Cost
• Defined and Stable Quality
• Continuous Improvement
• Latest Technology and Innovation.

To find the right partners in shortest possible time, Donaldson Purchasing has created this site for
sending out request for quotations (RFQ’s) and receiving quotations.
Using this site, you will be able to:

- upload and submit your quotation within few clicks.
- accelerate Donaldson’s response time to quotations.
- let Donaldson turn your quotations into delivered goods and services.
- earn more business if your quotation(s) are found to be the best cost/quality ratio.

We follow a partnership approach with our suppliers and look for a shift from component sourcing to
solution sourcing.
We hope this tool will accelerate response time for business allocation and enhance our Partnership.

Donaldson Europe Purchasing